Stacie Velehradsky Executive Bio

Stacie Velehradsky was raised in Omaha, NE and always wanted to own a business when she was young. Her first entrepreneurial endeavor started at the age of 10 when she set up a "Bed and Breakfast" in her grandparents house and used an old typewriter to organize her "business." In addition to Stacie's enthusiasm for business, she also has a curious and creative mind which led her into dance for 12 years and eventually the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In 2009, Stacie received her Bachelor's of Science - Interior Design, becoming only the second person in her family to earn a college degree.

After college, she worked in the interior design field for a few years and then transitioned into sales and business development where she traveled all over the country, managed millions of dollars in revenue, trained hundreds of sales associates, and won an award for outstanding performance. She lovingly calls this time in her life "Business Bootcamp" because it set the foundation for everything she knows about business.

In 2014, Stacie was living in Northwest Arkansas, itching to start a creative business. She loved Colorado and the booming tech scene was intriguing, so she sold all of her belongings, packed up her life, and moved. Within a year, she had a thriving website design business and fully embraced the "laptop lifestyle." During this time she worked with incredible entrepreneurs, thriving community leaders, and personal brands, many whom she keeps in touch with today.

In 2016, Stacie started working with tech startups in Boulder and eventually got involved with a Techstars company, opening up the opportunity to move into Product Management. She found this to be the perfect match for her organizational skills, business and design experience, and bias toward action.

Since then, Stacie has led product at DaVita, Ruth Health, Aavia, CirrusMD, and her own successful product design agency. She has extensive expertise in helping companies find product market fit, implementing systems and solutions, creating a product strategy, hiring teams, designing the user experience, and building out a tech stack.

When Stacie isn’t working, she’s out adventuring with her dog Zoey, weightlifting, Latin dancing, painting, or reading. She also has her Master Scuba Diving Certification and was a performer in Latin dance. 

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